Harry Koolen has left an extensive oeuvre: mostly portraits, landscapes, religious work, painted and drawn. The majority is in private collections and is not publicly accessible. Therefore a website as an exploration of the work of this artist.

The works shown on this site are not in chronological order or categorized by style features but rather rough thematic. It does not pretend to strive for completeness in the works, but to give "a portrait" of his life and work.

In addition to paintings and drawings other artistic techniques are shown: murals and textile designs. See the menu heading "Various". Other techniques include sculpture - occasional, possibly as studies for paintings - and stained glass windows.
Some topics are discussed in more detail on this site: the mining industry and miners and illustrations related to the Holocaust. See the heading "Themes". In this section you can also find studies of hands - hands are often prominent in pantings - and "portraits" of dogs.

Most small square images on this website are tabs which open further information on the page. This information consists of larger images, but sometimes also details, or a series of works.

Some works shown on this site are missing, some paintings and documents are destroyed in the Second World War (by a bomb in his studio). Unfortunately, also a huge mural in the Abbey of Middelburg is lost.

 Short Biography