Being a portayer keeping practicing is a must. And if no suitable model is at hand there is always a mirror. Koolen saw painting self-portaits as a self-examination, he tried to express his inner life and his moods. And it was a practical manner to maintain his skills: the challenge to render light and shadow on a face. 




Ca. 1930, 80 x 120 cm 





Ca. 1930. Koolen has probably painted this portrait using two mirrors. Because he was right-handed, he had always the palette in his left hand. On self-portraits with palette and brushes, this is reverse (mirror image). In the above portrait he can be seen right-handed (two mirrors). 





 Ca. 1929






1944, probably destroyed in WWII 





Ca. 1936





 ca. 1940, 65 x 80 cm





ca. 1946, 80 x 100 cm





 1959, 80 x 110 cm





1973, 80 x 100 cm