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This section contains some background information.

Harry Koolen I en II

First of all an explanation about a confusion because of another Harry (or Harrie) Koolen, an artist who lived in the same period. The stylistic features of his work are entirely different as the images show.


On this page several publications are displayed relating to exhibitions, commisions and some works, primarily intended as a recognition for those who were involved. The publications are in Dutch. 

Meerssense School

Being a teenager Harry Koolen got his first training from a Flemish painter, Jan van Puyenbroeck, who during World War I (1914) had fled to The Netherlands and found refuge in Meerssen. Also some information about his start as a painter. To the Meerssense School belonged, amongst others, Charles Eyck, Henri Jonas and Hub Levigne.

Family Backgrounds

Photographs of his parents (Koolen-Huijts) and his immediate family. He loved his mother and portrayed her many times.
He had a good relation with his in-laws - relating to his second marriage - and in particular with his father-in-law (J. Mous).
In his two marriages, he has highly respected his two wifes, given the lovingly painted portraits he made of them. However, few information of his first wife can be found (see some photos in the next part). In this part some pictures are shown of his second wife Bep Mous.


See some pictures from the twenties and thirties, he loved the country and painted many landscapes. Also his first wife Ali on some photographs.
In the second part, a number of photos from his later (professional) life.


After many wanderings he lived here the last half of his life. The images give an impression of his (personal) life with family and friends. His wife survived him two years and died too young.


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