Bep Mous


Born in 1922 in Heerlen, youngest daughter of Joseph Mous and Betsy Slegten.
She died in 1987 in Concord, Ca, USA


Ca. 1927


 famMousca1930-001r-1170 Bep Mous Jo Piem Dirk Joep Herman

Ca. 1930, with brothers and sisters, left to right: Jo, Herman, Dirk, Bep (with white ribbon), Piem, Joep


BM-HBS-IIa001c-1170 Bep Mous Claracollege Heerlen

Highschool (HBS) Claracollege Heerlen, second year 1936, top second from left  




 BM-Senegal600-001hcd1170 Bep Mous Leo Senecal Maastricht 1944

With lt. Col. Leo P. Senecal (sitting right), who headed the U.S. Civil Affairs in the Netherlands first liberated city Maastricht (1944)


                             bepmFL400-001-500 Bep Mous Frits Lemaire   bepmFL400-003-500 Bep Mous Frits Lemaire   Bep Mous

Pictures (left and middle) by the photographer Frits Lemaire in Amsterdam, ca. 1945, ca. 1946 (right)