On this page several publications are displayed relating to exhibitions, commisions and some works. This is primarily intended as a recognition for those who were involved.
The publications are in Dutch. The titles and very brief descriptions indicate the content.


Portrait of Hub. Levigne

Portrait (award-winning) of his fellow graphic artist Hub. Levigne, 1929
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Portrait of a young woman

Published in a national magazine, May 26, 1938
This is probably his first wife Ali.
Text: "Young Woman - painting of the talented young painter Harry Koolen"
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After WWII, cultural development of Heerlen

Attracting artists, publ. Sept. 5, 1945

Exhibition in The Hague

Gallery Bennewitz, Oct. 1948 
"A worthy representative of the genre society portraitists"
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Portrait of Miss Li

Exhibited in The Hague (Bennewitz), 1948
A characterization of this portrait.

Preferring a box of crayons

Interview about the start of his training
".. When I was four years old, an uncle came back from the East. He asked my brother of six and I what we wanted to have.
'A pipe' my brother said but I preferred a box of crayons .."
Furthermore, the cave which he furnished to a studio with his colleague Charles Eyck, his poverty in Amsterdam,
his admission to the Academy where he studied like a madman, his psychological contacts with people he portrayed.
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Portrait of a jubilee Mayor 1

Mayor of Hulsberg, silver Jubilee, Mr. M. Kerckhoffs, Oct. 1948
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Portrait of a jubilee Mayor 2

Mayor of Beek, silver Jubilee, Mr. P. Minkenberg, Oct, 1952


Donation of a painting by the State Mines

The management of the Dutch State Mines donated a floral still life to the Association of the (oldest) Dutch State Mine Wilhelmina.
On the 40th anniversary of the Casino Association Terwinselen (Kerkrade), Nov. 1952.

Participation in English exhibitions

Exhibition of Contemporary Dutch Art, 1952 - 1953
Kingston upon Hull (Oct, 1952) - Leicester (Nov - Dec, 1952) - Hove (Jan - Feb, 1953)
Norwich (Mar - Apr, 1953) - Southampton (May, 1953) - Peterborough (Jul - Aug, 1953)
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Portrait of a retiring Mayor

Mayor of Valkenburg, Mr. P. Hens, Aug. 1953
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Portrait of Dr. Batta

President of the Limburg Historical and Archaeological society, Maastricht
On his seventieth birthday, Sept. 1953
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Valkenburg Paintings

A Panorama and a Theater of Centuries, Dec. 11, 1953
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New Work intended for Underground Corridors of Valkenburg, Aug. 3, 1954
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A Mighty Panorama of 1,600 square meter, March 18, 1953

A Painted Panorama in an Underground Hall, March 25, 1953 

Theater of Centuries, June 11, 1953

Funicular in Valkenburg, Nov. 13, 1953

Portrait of a Commissioner of Police

Portrait of Heerlen Chief of Police, Mr. J. Spaen, on the occasion of his jubilee, july 1954.
Also a painting was offered (view on the coalmine Oranje Nassau 1) of the sympathetic painter Jean Viehoff.
Koolen teached him in portrait painting (1946-1951). Koolen and Viehoff got along with each other - also later in life - very well.

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Portrait of Monsignor Hermus

Mgr. Hermus was Director of the Institute for Deaf-mutes (R.K. Instituut voor Doofstommen IvD) in St. Michiels-Gestel (Netherlands)
This portrait is painted on the occasion of his 50th priesthood anniversary in 1937.
Publication June 4, 1937
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Portraits of two Bishops

Mgr. A. Hanssen (1957-1958) and Mgr. P. Moors (1959-1970).
These portraits were commissioned by the Diocese of Roermond (for the Episcopal Palace)

Exhibition in the City Hall of Heerlen, 1945

Opening July 7, 1945
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Exhibition in Tilburg, 1948

Publications Nov. 29, 1948. Portraitist of significance
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Article Dec. 4, 1948
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Articles Nov. and dec. 1948
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Maria and Elisabeth

Exhibited in Tilburg


Portrait of Queen Juliana

Commission, visit at Soestdijk Palace, start of painting

Government Building in Maastricht, 1950
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Meeting Hall

Mural in the Abbey of Middelburg

Allegorical fresco of 65 m2, 1957

Portrait of Jo Sternheim, Amsterdam

Donated to the City of Amsterdam in the Municipal Theater
10th Anniversary of Dutch Theater Center, April 12, 1957
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Textile Design

From son of muses to a serving task of art
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Also in the average household taste should be possible
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Some Illustrations

Two drawings illustrating folktales
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Exhibition Miners and the Mining Industry in Hoensbroek Castle, Heerlen

Harry Koolen was an observer at the coalface during three years
...The Man in the Miner.. June 15, 1961
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Harry Koolen portrayed "the man in the mine"
Publication, May 20, 1961
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The miner and his environment
Harry Koolen painted underground, exhibition a result of a long-term study
Publication, May 20, 1961
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New light on miners beneath the Limburg soil
Peaceful and mighty individuals. The portrait painter changes his palette
Publication, June 17, 1961
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The artist Harry Koolen portrayed the miner at work underground
Encounter with the Carboniferous world in reality and in art, a fascinating experiment
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Paintings of the Mining Industry
Harry Koolen exhibits in Hoensbroek Castle
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Exhibition in Molen Vrouwenheide

Vrouwenheide Mill, Romantic landscapes of Koolen, Jan. 6, 1962
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Donation of painting

Donation of a Landscape with a view on the Coalmine Oranje Nassau 1.
On the occasion of the opening of the Mineschool by State Secretary Grosheide,
offered by the Joint Coalmines Limburg (GSL Gezamenlijke Steenkoolmijnen in Limburg) Nov. 23, 1964

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Portrait of a retiring Mayor, Maastricht

Mayor of Maastricht, Mr. W. Baron Michiels van Kessenich, 1937 - 1967
Official portait, 1967
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Exhibition in Cortenbach Castle, Voerendaal

Publication Nov. 8, 1968
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Opening by Paul Haimon, Nov. 10, 1968


Exhibition in Caumermolen, Heerlen

Masterly portraits and joyful landscapes, March 14, 1974
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Exhibition in the City Hall of Heerlen

Intimacy in paintings of Koolen, Sept. 1974
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Exhibition in the City Hall of Meerssen 

Opening of a honorary exhibition (by dr. Buytendijk), May 27, 1977
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Masterly portraits on a honorary exhibition, June, 1977

Loan of paintings to Rolduc, Kerkrade 

Some 50 paintings of the Meuwissen family have been loaned to the abbey of Rolduc in Kerkrade.
The loan in 1978 was for 20 years. Publ. Sept, 1978

Mocking of Christ

Donation to St. Pancratius Church, Heerlen, March 1984

Exhibition in Hoensbroek Castle

Honorary exhibition Harry Koolen: Nestor of Limburg painting, May, 1974
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